You will not find money, but you will find something much more important, at least for me.

My reflections, my personal experiences, my thoughts… in short, the essence of who and how I am.

I understand that you can be between zero and nothing interested in a guy you don’t know at all telling you his stories.

Or maybe not, who knows.

Below I leave you a concoction of all these articles that I write and that are not corseted within technology as such.

2023 Goals

2023 goals Sorry for the late post about our goals for 2023, but better late than never, right? Hey, maybe a good goal for next year is

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401K calculator

401K Calculator What is the 401K plan? The 401K plan is a common retirement plan in the United States. This plan allows workers to save money

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Own or lease?

Own or lease? The big question we’ve all been through… What do we do? Do we buy or lease? A difficult question to answer, especially since factors

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