I’ve always liked writing. Even more so if it is about what I feel like. And that’s what you are going to find around here.

The creation of this blog has two main motivations:

  • Try to add value with my knowledge, experiences and thoughts.
  • Have your own repository.

Adding value is complicated, a lot in fact. Especially with the amount of knowledge and information that can be found on the Internet today.

So I start the blog knowing with almost absolute certainty that it won’t be like this for everyone. But I don’t have such high aspirations. Only helping someone, I would have already my objectives.

Complying with the second point is much easier. From the moment the blog is created, I already have my own tech chest of memories.

What is not so simple is to make that chest of memories clean and tidy and, in turn, be something that receives useful information more or less constantly. I’ll try it.

In the post about me you can get an idea of ​​what I like, and what is my experience.

That will be what I mainly write about on the blog.

Although I do not rule out 100% of having some post a little more out of the pot where I do your head is ringing with a specific topic that does not align so much with technology, digital business, online marketing, productivity and others.

Writing is a great activity, which helps to clarify and internally order all those ideas that so far only swarm through the head without much defined form.

My idea with this blog is to have clearer and more organized ideas in my head.

If they can also serve you something, either merely entertainment or for, who knows, something you needed for yourself, well, we got a WIN-WIN with a final roll!