This is my particular repository of ideas that resonate in my head, and my projects today.

Current projects

Now a days I could say my time is divided into 3 main blocks.


My job as a S|ngular employee. Today lending a hand improving Capital One’s MFA system in the USA.


The most important one.

Although teleworking has brought me many good things in this regard, at the moment the quality time that I can share is mainly in the evenings and on weekends.


I read pretty much. Few regulated courses or certifications really, but in my day to day I read a lot about various topics.

Many times I wonder if I shouldn’t put aside so much newsletter, so much blog reading and so many podcasts to stop ‘learning to do‘ and start ‘learning by doing’.

My own brand

This website.

Devoting some time to pampering the content creation for my website, and finding a record in it is one of my goals.

At the moment this is the block that is most affected by all. It is the first thing that disappears from my activities when any unforeseen event arises that steals my time.

Crazy ideas

  • My own newsletter

It could be included in the ‘This website’ section above but it is not really 100% related. At the moment I only have ideas and I have not started as such, and yet I have done so with the web.

  • Referrals

Web so that people can search for a referral link. The idea would be that everyone who enters can see the links for free use, and that if someone wants to put a referral of theirs, they have to register and pay for it.

  • Sponsorship matching

Matching website between people who want to include sponsorships in their newsletter and companies that want to advertise using this option in their theme newsletter.

  • Matching guest postings

Matching website to offer options to people who want to write guest articles. And to companies or websites that want to feed on information with guest articles.

  • Galician products in the USA

The idea would be to make a series of elements that are common in Galicia, and not so much here, and that we are able to produce. They can be recipes for meals and desserts, or other products that are not necessarily food.

  • Spanish for Americans

Taking advantage of living where we live…

  • Day care at home

Matching between parents who need care for their babies, but who do not want to take them to a nursery, and caregivers who offer to do so. The service would go beyond regular care, and would seek to stimulate learning as well.

  • Grow your newsletter making crossing content

The idea would be to make it easier for newsletter creators to cross content with other newsletters on the same theme and with more or less the same characteristics, to make themselves known in other communities and promote growth.