My principles

Honest comunication

If communication is a fundamental pillar in any project or relationship, honesty is even more so. A value that I always carry with me.

Order and methodology

All is well that seems well. I believe that order and maintaining a clear and specific methodology are the keys to success.


Conformism is the jailer of freedom. The enemy of growth. A great appointment to define what has led the human being to where he is; nonconformity.

Constancy and effort

Being in the software development sector since 2009 brings with it many lessons. Experience is a degree, in addition to the art of science.

Some interesting data

My experience in numbers




Years of experience

Where am I from?

I was born and raised in Madrid, Spain.

Although I am one of the privileged that can say that have spent their infancy enjoying in a village. Mine is Collado Hermoso, situated in Segovia, Spain.

Over there is where I’ve probably learned the things that make me who I am right now. People in the world could be segmented into 2 groups; the ones with Village and the ones without one. I am so proud and happy to belong to the first one.

Right now I am settle in the USA. More specifically in Reston, VA. I like to say I am ‘living the USA’. In 2017 I decided to cross the ocean and start a new adventure abroad, and here I am with my wife and our daughter Lua who was born here in the states.

After landing in Birmingham AL, we moved to Dallas, TX, where we spent 2 years and a half. From there, with one more member in the family, we flew to Reston, VA, where we are currently living.

In the last 4-5 years we have moved around 10 times, counting with the temporal houses my company offers, and the definitive apartments we chose. We really hope to decrease that statistic and become more stable from now on.

What do I do for a living?

I’ve been working as a Software Engineer since 2009 and in 2012 I joined S|ngular, my current company.

So yes, I help designing and developing Software. Mainly for big companies which need to improve their APIs and their infrastructure.

Microservices developed in Java and deployed using Docker in the AWS cloud is what takes up most of my time lately.

However what I enjoy the most in my day to day job is sharing, discussing, and solving the tasks and issues with colleagues who I can perhaps later call friends.

What do I like?

Other than what you’ve read so far, I can not stand and I need to know and get in contact with new things, always looking for ending the day with some new lesson learned, and better than yesterday.

Business in general and Marketing Online are things I am pretty interested. So, when the workday ends, and I find some opening in my day, I like to consume content about that.

Writing, and being able to share properly my knowledge, feelings and learnings with more people is another point a I like. Properly in the last sentence is the most important word. Almost everyone is able to write, almost nobody is able to do it properly.

Time is the most valuable asset we have. That is a fact. Knowing it is only the first step. Once I realized of that, I started to look for optimizing it as much as I can.

Maybe because of that I like so much reading about productivity and try to apply what I learn about that in my day to day routines.

But… how to improve without measurement? It is simply not feasible. That is another thing I love. Gather information, create metrics and to be able to analyze the data with the only goal to improve in the future.

So far I have told you a bunch of things all related with knowledge, wisdom and brain work ultimately.

However not everything on life is about knowing more and training your brain. You also need to train your body. And I also love to do that.

Every business days, I always start my engine going outside and working out for around 45 minutes. Running and using my body weigh for doing some exercises is what I try to maintain my physical health. I do not record every run in Strava, but I usually do it when I do some long run.

And last but not least, I look forward to be able to spend more time with my family, because I do all what you have read just to enjoy them.

How am I?

I consider myself a team player and a hard worker. I know, with that I am no saying anything but a topic, but… maybe it is more credible if you read another’s one opinion about myself.

Honesty always guides my actions, for better or worse. I prefer to die proud of myself than living a whole life without being myself.

Another thing I would like to define how I am is to keep it simple, because …

Symplicity is the ultimate sofistication

Leonardo da vinci

If you want to know a little bit more about my experience and technical skills, just click on the button and let yourself be carried away.

My projects

If you want to know a little bit more about where I am currently involved and what crazy ideas run in my mind, you can take a look to the page my projects.

My treasures

If you are still here reading, you deserve to know I have a section where I save ´my treasures´.

It is not linked in any other way in the website, so, you will be one of the few who know of its existence. Take a look if you want to gossip!

You will possibly find post not related with technology. At least not 100%. But there was a time where I feel like to write about them and share them.