Alex de Pablos
Hey there! I am

Alex de Pablos

A S|ngular software engineer.

I was born in Madrid, Spain, but currently living and working in North Virginia, USA.

When I am not occupied with ones and zeros, I enjoy my family and I workout.

Firma Alex de Pablos

Software engineering

Whether you work in IT or you simply want to know more about what is behind the scenes in the software development world, take a look to this section.

Technology for everyone

Do you think technology is not for you? You are wrong! At least… give my content a try and then, you could decide. I would like to get technology closer to everyone interested, no exceptions.

I know is common to find yourself totally lost trying to learn reading post with technical vocabulary and difficult concepts to understand.

In my experience, step by step manuals have been always a huge help to gain confidence. In this section you will find these kind of tutorials so that you can implement by yourself whatever is in your interest.

My resume as software engineer

You can either visit my Linkedin profile, or take a look to the same information in my resume page.

Either way you will be able to see where I’ve worked, in which projects and with what responsibilities.

Contact me!

I am an inbox zero man! I love to maintain my inbox in order and I read all my emails. Even more thoughtfully the ones I received from here!

Do not hesitate to contact me if you want to bring me your questions, suggestions, critiques… etc.

Your feedback is my motivation to keep going!